My Two Possessive Alpha Mates

My Two Possessive Alpha Mates

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Xander's P.O.V

I walked with my beta's Mark
and Mason to Starbucks. Yep i have two Betas. Well,anyways,As I went inside,
A familiar scent hit my nose...
The intoxicating smell of coffee.
I am here in Starbucks with my beta and my second in command. We are waiting for Alpha Nash also my bestfriend.
We've known each other since we were in diapers.
Oh well,anyways......

My dad are at the pack for a moment.
I am waiting for my bestfriend,Nash. He is an alpha too. Alpha of The Blue Mountain Pack. Yep. Weird name,but a powerful pack like us. The second powerful pack is The Blue Moon Pack. Daniel he is my bestfriend also and the Alpha's son.

"What would you like alpha Xands" he asked. "Uhh... we should order later.i don't want Nash complaining again" I said kind-heartedly to him as he laughed and nodded in response."I'll just just give Amy a call.she'll be worried about me" he rolled his eyes as i laughed. I just nodded and he walked away. Well,he's going to call his mate... :( i w...

JazzMoon_23 JazzMoon_23 Sep 14
I don't even know half of what she's wearing and yet, it is 'totally' simple
lovelockrob lovelockrob Apr 22
No one cares about your makeup doll.
                              Correction: cake faxed doll
bands1213 bands1213 Jul 07
I think we get it that he was passed down the title of Alpha by his father. You said that like 3 times. And was with all the periods and no capitalization
And I'm just like: 'I don't even know what she's putting on her face and she calls this simple?!
Nickybro Nickybro Jul 06
Sorry what does "use his tone " mean and is her brother's mind reading something special or does all the werewolf's in the book have it.
I thought she had blondish brown but I love Sabrina's carpenter so.. I dont care