12 Princes One Princess

12 Princes One Princess

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Kim Moon Soo(Made up Character)

Kim Moon Soo a hard-to-get girl and also a very tough and strong girl, The most unique girl you have ever met but acts like a total simple girl. She comes from a poor family so she lives with her uncle who's so rich, that has a company. Since he doesn't have a daughter or a son, he treats her like one. Her Uncle later enrolled her into the super duper rich school, The Royals School. 


A rich boy who is also known as the 'Cute Prince' . Every girl will fall into his cuteness, he is also known to be very intelligent. His family owns a company, Han's Company.


Known as the 'Dark Prince'. He is a bully,a playboy, a rich guy and a heart rob or in other words a BAD BOY.


The 'Fashion Prince' , He's very insecure about his clothes. His family owns a factory that makes fashion clothes and they have a company that promotes it.


An energetic, curious, and spoiled guy. He's a prankster, his partner in crime is Baekhyun. 


    Naomisatui Naomisatui Aug 23
    And whenever he sees something he doesn't like he says "that's not my style"
    Makeup factory wow i would love to won a chocolate factory like Willie Wonka
    kpopworldeu kpopworldeu Oct 28, 2016
    And has a company... there author-nim I've completed it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미안해요 사랑하는 어털 님
    bewareimwatchingyou bewareimwatchingyou Nov 15, 2016
    He is the dark prince, not because about him being a playboy. It's also about his skin.
    __sarahsky __sarahsky Nov 06, 2016
    I know...really..because before this I was in same school and class with a young malaysia actor ps good looking them when he come..MY BESTFRIEND PULL ME but lucky me my crush help me😂😂