12 Princes One Princess

12 Princes One Princess

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JackFrost_Icey By JackFrost_Icey Updated Jan 16

Kim Moon Soo a hard-to-get girl and also a very tough and strong girl, but acts like a total simple girl. She comes from a poor family (financial crisis) so she lives with her uncle. Since he doesn't have a daughter or a son, he treats her like one. Her Uncle later enrolled her into the super duper rich school, The Royals School. There she met friends whom she never thought would become best friends.

But what if those BEST FRIENDS become BOYFRIENDS?

What then?..

Broken family.
Broken friendship.
Broken relationships.
Can she help them mend it all?..

Naomisatui Naomisatui Aug 23, 2017
And whenever he sees something he doesn't like he says "that's not my style"
RoseC263 RoseC263 Mar 11
everyone in my class call me a spoiled brat... =.= which does or doesn't make sense...'
shineeforeverr1412 shineeforeverr1412 Jun 12, 2017
Makeup factory wow i would love to won a chocolate factory like Willie Wonka
iisupergoldenii5 iisupergoldenii5 5 days ago
Is anyone else thinking of
                              Death The Kid from Soul Eater?😂
kpopworldeu kpopworldeu Oct 28, 2016
And has a company... there author-nim I've completed it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미안해요 사랑하는 어털 님
bewareimwatchingyou bewareimwatchingyou Nov 15, 2016
He is the dark prince, not because about him being a playboy. It's also about his skin.