EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1 ( Wattys2017 )

EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1 ( Wattys2017 )

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[ ✔ Completed 12/29/16 ]

"We are always one" -EXO 

Where EXO, a popular boy group, lives their new life with their 
adopted baby sister, (Y/n)

Kim (Y/n), a girl who survived a tragic car crash, resulting her parents to die
and left her alone in an orphanage. 12 boys wished and hoped they'd have another sibling to their family.

So they decided to adopt one, and that sibling is none other than, Kim (Y/n). The luckiest girl to ever have such wonderful loving brothers as her family.

"You won't leave me alone, right?" -(Y/n) 


[ Lorraine ]
03/20/16 ( FanFiction )
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Enjoy (#^.^#)

Ack 3 of my biases in one paragraph!!!
                              Bias Wreckers:-
                              We just need my other bias Chen and we're good. 
                              I'm totally biased to exo-m.
CorraBVB CorraBVB May 08
You'll get me when you stop talking about me like I'm some kind of dog
Ayeeee the oh so suggestive (LU)han who left before I even knew what Korea was (lie but y'all know what I mean).
StarThach StarThach Apr 16
Oh put a name ok *inserts a name* there you go you are now Mrs.Poopypants
It's true that they are such memebers since they have a lot of memes
yuki-ryu17 yuki-ryu17 Feb 05
I just starting reading and this line got me hooked :) haha that is so funny 😝