Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass

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Sherwood Institute for the Magically Afflicted. A refuge for those seeking remedy from curses, hexes and other fantastical ailments.

In one night, Ariel Winters went from socialite wannabe to cursed freak. Her heart is turned to glass by a vengeful witch and she is shipped off to Sherwood Institute to find a cure.

While receiving treatment, she meets a demonic mobster with anger issues, a timid girl who grows a fish tail when water touches her skin, a beast boy who is kinder than his brutish appearance...

As time passes, these damaged people slowly wind their way around her fragile heart. Can Ariel learn to trust them enough to let them into her heart? Or will her new found friendships shatter it before a cure can be found?

This will be book 1 in what is tentatively titled The Sherwood Chronicles.

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kayxcxxo kayxcxxo Jul 24, 2016
The cover looks amazing <3 and the story sounds really cool and unique so I'm definitely gonna be reading this :D
- - Jul 27, 2016
And this is why I am glad I'm an only child. All I need is my dog!!
Holedweller Holedweller Feb 15, 2016
Looks alright, but I'm sure that Ariel Winters is a real actress and she plays Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. Are you a Modern Family fan? Or did this name just appear in you mind?
reineeri0 reineeri0 Jan 29, 2016
To me, this sentence feels like it has quite a bit of impact and it seems like it could be more effective starting off a new chapter. Just my thoughts!
Dsoulmate Dsoulmate Jul 20, 2016
Even I went to St Mary's school for girls, but not the one in UK
I love how I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Dobby lol loving this so far