Two Sides, One War

Two Sides, One War

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0_STRIKE By 0_Strike Completed

Meet Zethea, a Zecorian warrior from another planet. All her life she has been told that the humans were responsible for the centuries long war resulting in many casualties. Her father wants her to become a strategist behind the lines, but her vengeance for blood makes her become a skilled killer on the front lines. Until she is left behind in the desolate jungle wasteland of a forgotten city, and finds herself having to become allies with a lone human soldier who didn't even want to be in the war in the first place. They soon discover a secret about the war, and realize that their whole lives were raised with lies. 

T+ because gore and violence. Maybe some romance later on but nothing close to fifty shades of NOPE.

P.S: most of the artwork here is not mine, but I am in the the process of replacing some of it with my own artwork. Zethea's character design is made by me and is my intellectual property, all other images unless with the initials "TVS" signed on them are not mine, their rights go to their respective owners. If there is a copyright issue concerning any images within this book, then I will be happily able to remove/replace them upon request.

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0_Strike 0_Strike Feb 02
Oh, in regards to your first question. I believe I was trying to Write “modules” when I first wrote this story in 2015.
RalphPerea RalphPerea Jun 29, 2017
This guy has the heart of a great ranger. A fighting worrier. He didn't seem to want to give up. If it wasn't for the Alfa. I'm sure he would have kept continuing.
JeffSapper JeffSapper Feb 02
Ok.... lemme know. I'm all clear..... have you spoke to Croman?
JeffSapper JeffSapper Feb 02
Is models a good word to use hete instead if booster in my boots or something?
NormanMcNeese NormanMcNeese Mar 29, 2016
Not a new concept but it is still refreshing to get a serious non-human pov. Needs a serious edit but I will leave spelling and grammar issues to the grammarnazis.
Diana_Fierro Diana_Fierro Jul 13, 2016
My suggestion is start the section from "I hate the humans" it's an attention grabber