Ranger's War: Duel

Ranger's War: Duel

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David Mark Brown By LostDMBFiles Completed

Never create a killing machine you can’t control. 

Tasked with purifying the breeding stock of an advanced human race known as Hibernarii, the Templar live on the edge of a decadent, multi-galactic empire in decline. After 300 years of constant slaughter, Ranger 878 emerges as the ideal assassin—ruthless yet creative. When Ranger loses a fateful battle on the obscure hibernaculated culture of Sizlack Prime, his world descends into chaos. Forced to partner with smugglers, Ranger must reconcile his violent past with his emerging future to save the Hiberverse.

"Ranger's War is a space-operatic-love-triangle between a human killing machine, a woman bearing the genetic cancer he’s conditioned to exterminate, and the AI designed to hold him accountable."

pantopicon pantopicon Apr 13, 2015
I have a healthy addiction to your writing.  Really looking forward to the progression of this story because ... SPACE OPERA!