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The Winter War

The Winter War

164K Reads 4.7K Votes 18 Part Story
SeanMorganthau By SeanMorganthau Completed

The continuation of the Starcross series.
 Last time a battle had just been won by the ragtag 33rd Colorado showing the world that the Druidth could be beaten.
Now, the war rages on as men lose themselves in their inner demons doing whatever it takes to beat the alien menace and the fate of Humanity is staked on one impossible gamble...
Will Humanity be victorious or will Earth become a new colony in the Druidth Empire?

The reason we love it is because it makes it easier for us to kill you all
InkWarfare InkWarfare Oct 02, 2016
Fascinating, I read the first book a while back & then, I was rooting for the humans and now? I'm kinda backing the druidths.
omay3s omay3s Apr 30, 2016
Wait it said that the ships were evacuating the colonists it makes so much sense now
Adlarsonam Adlarsonam Mar 04, 2016
Awesome love how it's giving us a perspective from the Druidth so it's not completely biased against the alien species.
Adlarsonam Adlarsonam Mar 04, 2016
Hhhmmm... I'm torn it's nice to get the Druidth perspective and all, but I feel just a little traitorous for wanting them to succeed as if they were the good guys.
RicecreamAsian RicecreamAsian Mar 01, 2016
"Still barely understood by the top...non-stop industry and absolute zero oversight and formed an amorphous..."
                              I think you added an extra "and" after oversight. Carbon tetroxide and iron rain...that's harsh... Love you character development :D Keep it up!