Erza has a sister. She's dead. Natsu can't get over it and after two yeard he keeps getting flashbacks. Will he ever get her back. 

What Doesn't Kill You Leaves You Broken Instead.

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stuffssss stuffssss Feb 07
*natsu mumbles in his sleep* I shoved a big bag of jelly beans up my ass
Miss_mani Miss_mani Oct 22, 2017
This makes me want to listen to I care for you by Aaliyah  (An old singer who died in 2001 due to a plane crash) LISTEN TO THE SONG PEOPLE
-ghost me plays with Natsu's silky salmon hair- poor natsu... I miss you too.....
I sound so friendly 😂😂😂 but while in reality, I’m da queen of hell
Flurrrie Flurrrie Jul 20, 2017
She better have put Nutella at my grave. The dead need to eat too.
Natsu....don't cry..... I'm going to a better place that has no pain..... -takes last breath and lays dead in Natsu's arms weakly smiling- Natsu: (y/n)!!!!! (Lmao that's how I imagine it.)