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Let Me Be

Let Me Be

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recreationalwriter By recreationalwriter Completed

My back hit the table, signaling there was no where else to run.   "I want you" he whispered huskily right by my ear,  as he held me in place.   "I want you so badly" he said softly and throatily as he gripped the back of my thighs, making room for himself in between my legs, and making me sit on the table.   "That I don't care if you say no" he said huskily while rubbing his nose and lips on the side of my neck, making me gasp in fear, surprise, and the worst emotion of them all-lust. He grazed his lips on the side of my neck once more until it settled on the crook.   "Because you're mine" he said as he punctured his canines onto my neck, and muffled my screams with his hand tightly secured on my mouth.   Leila didn't care or want love. She lived a life away from the opposite sex. She was beautiful beyond means, but never did anything to show it. Her dad was the head trainer of all the soon to be alphas, betas, and third in commands in the world.  The guys hit on her endlessly, but fail to even get her to glimpse at them.   But what happens when her father is making her choose a mate from eight sexy Alphas? One of them being the Alpha of the strongest pack in the world. What makes it worse is that he just doesn't know the meaning of no. So what's his plan?  Let's just say, it involves in making you say YES.

Juette_Curtina Juette_Curtina Aug 04, 2016
Lol you made the word seem so pretty with the little: *:) 😂😂😂
writerSandy writerSandy Jun 08, 2016
Why does everyone I know believe that if you're flat chested that you have NO curves whatsoever. I'm basically flat chested but have curves.
smileyemily93 smileyemily93 Jun 23, 2016
Coz God bless you with beautiful genes and the rest of us with ugly ones.
Winteria Winteria Nov 05, 2016
Im flat and I cant wear anything I want cause tube dresses just drop and shirts in my size that are made for people with boobs are a no-no too. :(
Tenzin12344 Tenzin12344 Jan 08
No offence but(t) this modesty is clearly not working... I get that this is a book but C'mom...
                              Who wouldn't want those...??
Tenzin12344 Tenzin12344 Jan 08
.... Srsly?? Let's be real, no girl is ever gonna complain about being ugly unless there's a rapist on the loose or something.