The Bad Boy's Tiny Dancer

The Bad Boy's Tiny Dancer

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Shay By shayprick Updated Feb 26, 2017

"Oh please, Hunter even if I can speak FUCK OFF in six languages, and I can, I know you won't leave me alone" 

"Got that right, tiny dancer"

Cassidy Hale never wanted to be tangled up in a mess only known as Hunter Knight but during the unfortunate mishap that her Aunt, who was a dance instructor, sprained her ankle she needed to fill in. That day being the day where the bad boy decided to pick up his little sister, who was talking about him to the mysterious Tiny Dancer.

"Your brother sounds like a douche" 
She said to the girl but a different voice replied

"That, I am"


"A bad boy to them, a good man to me"
"Only to you, tiny dancer"

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Annie_Irwin17 Annie_Irwin17 Jun 07, 2017
Sleep is the best. I mean Why fall in love when you can fall asleep. Plus sleep+pizza=heaven.
BloodRose2694 BloodRose2694 Jun 05, 2017
I hope that wasn't a typo but if it was AUTOCORRECT I LOVE YA
AbbiCrabbi AbbiCrabbi Nov 14, 2017
Omg I feel so out of this. I barely even listen to music and I had no idea who the artists were.
Everyone is going on how wrong the description of a ballerina is n here I am STILL wondering how can anyone NOT know ONE DIRECTION??!!!!
Annie_Irwin17 Annie_Irwin17 Jun 07, 2017
I may have to use this excuse on my parents. This is just too good.😂
HK4355 HK4355 Dec 16, 2016
One of my favorite ATL songs! Dayum you got good taste in music!