My Possessive Bad Boy Alpha *DISCONTINUED*

My Possessive Bad Boy Alpha *DISCONTINUED*

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Alondra Gutierrez By Satan_Women Completed


"Your MINE, and only MINE." he said, slamming me into the wall, and grabbing my hands, putting them above my head.

"The only person that will touch you is me." he whispered in my ear, nibbling on my earlobe.

"The only lips that you will feel are mine." he mumbled kissing up my collar bone to my lips. I let out a small moan of pleasure.

"The only person who make you feel this pleasure is me, and the only name you will be screaming is mine." he growled in my ear.


Alice Knight is not the nerdy girl at school. Isn't the girl that uses her face as a coloring book nor wears 6 inch heels. She's just a normal girl expect she's a Were-Wolf and the Alpha's daughter from the Blood Knight Pack.

Justin Moon is the Bad Boy at the school, his Alpha from the Bright Moon Pack, His a player and really really possessive.

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LindaSedera LindaSedera Jun 29
This is horrible what you have written. If you don't care for it, don't read it, but don't be disgustingly rude and obnoxious. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
good_luck33 good_luck33 Jul 20
So this won't ever continue.... I mean.... Im sorry you said it 4 times but I read the description and it seemed nice... But discontinuing it, is your choice.... I respect it
                              But I still wanna read more
Marie_Romance Marie_Romance Sep 04, 2016
I already love this book I love it when watt pad boys are possesive
This book is amazing I'm not surprised that it has a million reads
ssttoorrmmyy11 ssttoorrmmyy11 Nov 08, 2014
the guy on the cover is ash stymest. ur welcome babe. now u can stalk him like me like OMG