I'm the Alpha's Mate

I'm the Alpha's Mate

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Evangeline Farra is a normal eighteen year old werewolf, besides that she can speak with the Moongoddess. 
Ever since her parents discovered her gift when she was young they kept a close eye on her. They didn't want anyone to find out about Evangeline's ability, so they forced her to hide it from everyone. 
After an attack on Evangeline's pack she is forced to live with her grandmother for safety, but what happens when she wanders onto the wrong packs land? What happens when she discovers she is the Alpha's mate?


(There is now a completed sequel to this story)
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Normamdl Normamdl Mar 16
I  started reading it in Spanish but i discover that the original is in English
choconbooks choconbooks 2 days ago
I don't like the name Sebastian..... sry that was random and rude
Wow innocent people, interesting to see how you will play out this character. But for now I'm not loving this description of him.
I like writing descriptions but I'm terrible at writing stories
Feather_Of_Darkness Feather_Of_Darkness Dec 07, 2016
This is really good, just saying I would of put how those their two stories came into one. Other wise it's really good, can't wait to read it
Haruka25 Haruka25 Dec 20, 2016
Me encanta tu historia, la empecé a leer en español (apenas va por el cap 7) y luego vi que era una traducción, así que pasé a darte mi apoyo, y sorry pero aunque puedo leer inglés, escribirlo se me da fatal, por ende mi comentario en español ;-)