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Alpha's Broken & Bruised Mate

Alpha's Broken & Bruised Mate

197K Reads 6.3K Votes 49 Part Story
Lindsey By szcwrites Completed

Clare, a teenage werewolf, must face the darkness of the pack that took her in. Cold Creek Pack, took in Clare only because of their reputation. Other than that, they abuse her, cut her, starve her..but as long as she's out of sight when soon-to-be Alpha of the Blood Lust Pack checks in, Cold Creek Pack is safe. 
  That's when she encounters Mitch, soon-to-be Alpha of the Blood Lust Pack. Mitch is sweet, protective, and loving, but Clare is broken, bruised and she's also Mitch's mate. Will Clare accept the dangers of becoming Luna or fall back to the knees of Cold Creek Pack? And will the two packs wage war for dominance and for scarred Clare?

You do know you're BOTH werewolves, right? You're quite literally offending yourself and your pack?
MeAndNutellaBelong MeAndNutellaBelong Dec 04, 2016
*Starts singing*I love Canada do do do do do I love Canada!!!!
Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Sep 25, 2016
is Luna your real name???if it is, it is beautiful...i plan on naming my first born daughter Luna...if i have a second daughter i plan on naming her Skye...i love both names so much...for a boy i was thinking maybe sam or something...not like i plan on having children anytime soon anyway lol...
BloodyAlpha08 BloodyAlpha08 Nov 18, 2016
Why can't she stand up to her mate. She knows he's bullying her, or abusing so why can't she talk to him
Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Yours_Truly_Lucifer_ Sep 25, 2016
@szcwrites  thank you!!!your name is very pretty also tho...i have arabic heritage so my name is layla which means The Night...