The Greek Gods go to Highschool

The Greek Gods go to Highschool

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What happens when The Big Three loses a poker game against the demigods that makes all the Olympians go to Goode Highschool and act like mortals? The gods will not back down as they take this as a challenge. So will they be able to not use their powers? Will Hera and Aphrodite survive the high school divas or will Athena survive being called a nerd? Will Zeus survive football and what would Poseidon do to join the swim team? Will Hades and Hephaestus fit in with the mortals unlike their so called family? Will Artemis kill every guy that tries to hit on her and will Demeter get by without being called a cereal loving freak? What will Apollo be, a musician or a doctor and why can't he be both? Will Hermes find any prankster friends? Will Ares calm down his machoness and be nice?! Will Dionysus earn his title as not a drunk and insane person but a party animal? What will happen when something dark is going on in Goode? How will the gods react??
Keep reading to find out more but if you don't than Ok!

Post Script: I do not own the Greek Gods. The Greek Gods own themselves. Based off of Rick Riordans PJO and HOO series's. 

*warning* this book has slow updates or no updates

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Slushi123 Slushi123 Mar 13, 2016
you forgot to mention Aphrodite in your description, I would love to see what she would be like in highscool
- - Aug 14, 2016
There actually is a series about the Greek gods reborn. It's called The Olympia Heights series. It's available for Kindle. Just letting you know.
Write_Here_Write_Now Write_Here_Write_Now Jan 26, 2016
                              We really need more Percy Jackson books.
lindseydrew lindseydrew Mar 31, 2015
Well Leo didn't actually die so it's possible he came back and bring calypso . But I agree ,who doesn't love Leo?