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Reading About The Child Of Artemis by ArtemisTheOlympian
Reading About The Child Of Artemisby Hope
We have gathered you here today to read about the greatest hero. Love, The Fates. "Hercules?" Zeus questioned. Nope definitely not that jerk. Its your typica...
Unwanted by Shrimpington
Unwantedby :)
Percy Jackson was tossed out of Camp Half-Blood after being cheated on, and betrayed by all. No one believed he was innocent. Not a single being. No one. Not even his fa...
Reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by CunningDauntless
Reading Percy Jackson and the Ava
You have read the title. The usual reading the books in the past with the Old Heroes and Gods. But this will be a least I hope. Hercules being a jerk...
My command.  by SlytherinPrincess000
My command. by SlytherinPrincess000
Pertemis fanfiction. Warning contains a lot of smut. Like a lot. Contains some thalico moments/smut.
The Greek Gods go to Highschool (discontinued) by sliencer0106
The Greek Gods go to Highschool ( khush
discontinued:( What happens when The Big Three loses a poker game against the demigods that makes all the Olympians go to Goode Highschool and act like mortals? The god...
The Daughter of Poseidon ☤ Luke Castellan by NakeishaN
The Daughter of Poseidon ☤ Luke Naki
"Look Percy! She's just like you, she also drools in her sleep." What if Percy Jackson had a sister? What if Luke didn't join Kronos and become evil? What if L...
The Forgotten 3 (Percy Jackson and Twilight Crossover) by Skymonster101
The Forgotten 3 (Percy Jackson Skymonster101
Hi my name is Skylar Jackson and this is my story. Just to get it out of the way YES I am Percy Jackson's twin sister, but this story isn't about him. This story is abou...
Heroes of Olympus Truth or Dare! by Kamiko1108
Heroes of Olympus Truth or Dare!by Rice_is _bae
What will happen when the demigods play truth or dare? Will the truth be told? Will blood be spilled? Will- Percy: WHY?? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US?????? Me: You're not sup...
The Next Step in Fate by Shrimpington
The Next Step in Fateby :)
5 days That's how long it took to turn everyone against me. 5 months That's how long it's been since Theo got here. 5 years That's how long it's been since Annabeth an...
Percy Jackson and the Sword of The Gods by Nicknack124816
Percy Jackson and the Sword of Nicknack124816
Finally, after Titans, Giants, the bloody mother of the Earth, prophecy stealers and a few side quests, Percy thought he and Annabeth could finally settle down. It was t...
Apollo Angst One-shot by YukoYukari
Apollo Angst One-shotby YukoYukari
DISCLAIMER none of these characters are mine they belong to Rick Riordan except my own ocs
Kissed by a goddess by SlytherinPrincess000
Kissed by a goddessby SlytherinPrincess000
*PERTEMIS FANFICTION* Warning contains strong language and sexual context. For a few days Percy and Artemis grew closer, and for a few months they eventually fell in lov...
How to Live: A Guide to Life By:Dr. Worm by DeathLemon1738
How to Live: A Guide to Life DeathLemon
You can comment and ask any questions about how to to do crap. Enjoy
Amon The Falling Star by Bj12032140
Amon The Falling Starby 🌈💚Kermit💚🌈
Amon is a fallen angle banished to the under world by Zeus for his sin. Amon is a soft sweet gentle and caring Angle he becomes depressed loseing his true self to Hades...
My love. (Pertemis) by Psychomischief666
My love. (Pertemis)by Psychomischief666
When Annabeth cheats on Percy and Artemis loses her maiden oath, the hunt dispanded. Things don't always turn out for the bad.
The Hidden Blade  by HermesIsTheBest
The Hidden Blade by 💫•𝕴𝖘𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖆 𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊•...
When former Assassin of the brotherhood, Perseus Jackson, falls in love with Annabeth Chase, who is formerly in second command in the Templar order, war starts to brew...
Betrayal Hurts You Know by reeses3
Betrayal Hurts You Knowby Liam
Percy gets betrayed and runs out of Camp Half- Blood and meets an unexpected friend
Melody's Perfect Life by mersadyes34
Melody's Perfect Lifeby Mersadyes Lewis
Melody was a grown woman she had a boyfriend that was going to ask to marry him melody's boyfriend was named Alex so Alex got melody a teddy bear and melody didn't want...
The Big Three Are Cats by Dragonez
The Big Three Are Catsby Zoe
The Big Three get turned into cats by their crazy wives and are given to their children to be looked after.