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Daughter of Apollo (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

Daughter of Apollo (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

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Bookworm By Lillana45897 Completed

My name is Danielle Scarlett. I love Olympus. It's my home. But I'm a demigod. A daughter of Apollo. I don't know what's so special about me. Maybe I'm just his favorite child? Must be that.
But one problem. I have a crush on a certain demigod that lives at Camp Half-blood. His name is Nico DiAngelo. A son of Hades.
My best friends are Annabeth Chase (daughter of Athena), Will (my half-brother), and Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon).
All demigods have a gigantic problem, Kronos. The father of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Chiron. Kronos's army is rising again with Luke Castilian helping him.
The battle is suppose to happen on Percy's birthday. My father won't let me fight in it. He says its too dangerous. But to defeat Kronos, all of the demigods need to fight together. I'm very powerful and could be a great asset. Dad also says that I could get captured. Like that's going to happen. 

But like I said, we need to fight. Together.

HunteratHogwarts HunteratHogwarts Dec 15, 2016
Daughter of Apollo alright!
                              Apollo: oi! I heard that!
                              Me: you were ment to
sicilyitaly sicilyitaly Feb 23
Sorry I'm commenting every other paragraph but someone has to!
sicilyitaly sicilyitaly Feb 23
Why do they always spell it this way?! Not to be rude, I'm just weird.
JayBrantley1 JayBrantley1 Sep 05, 2016
U love my cousin? Ok lol I guess being a daughter of Zeus makes me even more powerful then him but good for u girl
when was this book.made it has the same plot as mine just a little different and this is the first time i a eeading it that is creepy
BetterLeftUnsaid_ BetterLeftUnsaid_ Apr 09, 2016
What?! You love my immortal brother?! Lolz I love Greek mythology, I also love being a daughter of hades