The Summer Bride (TSBS-1) COMPLETED

The Summer Bride (TSBS-1) COMPLETED

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Sadia Karim By SadiixxK Completed

In this Series, Billionaire Bachelors meet their match in a wicked plan of their own.

1. The Summer Bride


It all started with a red-haired little girl.

Compassionate. Claire Bishop has always been a compassionate woman. When losing her one and only job shatters her completely, Claire thought all was lost. With moral rules and warm heart, she accepts a offer she can't refuse, even if at the end she might just lose her heart in it. 

Perfectionist. Tyler Sanders has always been a perfectionist, let it be in business or in family. People admired him for his way in business, people feared him for he knows everything about everyone. He took pride of his calculated life but soon, it started to crumble because a little girl couldn't stay without a mommy anymore. He knew money could buy anything, hence he used that to his advantage but in the process, he didn't expect himself to lose what he thought was, a broken heart.

But with a bit of help from a little girl, will they join their heart? If so, then how?

Well, read to find out. 


Tighten your seat belts for a ride into the life of Claire and Tyler.

Started- 05/04/2015.
Finished- 14/05/2016.

#31 in Romance - 19/09/2016.


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bushilaoshi bushilaoshi Jun 12, 2017
Ah but this is simply forcing him to marry... Mommy will come sooner or later
mousy188 mousy188 Jan 10
Honey you are doing it wrong. You got out find a lady you know is good mommy material then force her and your dad in to constant contact pulling in everyone else in in the plan. The boom married by Christmas
apisgirl apisgirl Sep 06, 2016
Ink really doesn't go sticky like paint would... It's super thin and designed to absorb into porous materials.  Paint gets sticky as it dries because it needs to adhere to the surface, so one of the major ingredients in it is glue.
mayurijadhav100 mayurijadhav100 Feb 01, 2017
I would laugh my head off.... which I'm doing right now.....haha :D
MarieThereseSamy MarieThereseSamy Mar 07, 2016
This book is so nice like a Mills & Boon !  ,waiting eagerly for it to be completed please!
apisgirl apisgirl Sep 06, 2016
That type of ink doesn't wash out either (can you tell I've had a bad experience with it?)