Mr. Billionaire And Her ✔

Mr. Billionaire And Her ✔

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Jessica Summers is a simple and a beautiful young lady who has recently lost her parents and has moved to stay with her aunt. Within a few weeks, her aunt's true colors get revealed and she is no more that sweet, caring and loving aunt as Jessica had anticipated!
What happens when she runs away from her aunt, unable to bear the mad­ woman and ends up in New York. Scared and lonely, will she survive in the "Empire City" or will she give up?
Dean Walker, the young and popular billionaire is the CEO of Walker&Co. Known as 'the womanizer' before he became the perfect workaholic and now what everyone calls 'a stone hearted person'. 
Also, he is a tough person when it comes to love. He's built a good amount of walls around his heart after being broken by what he thought his first love.
What happens when both their worlds collide? Will they be able to fight their attraction or will they let their walls down and feel a beautiful feeling called love?
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WARNING: This story contains violence, abusive language, sexual context and plenty cliche moments, enter at your own risk.

Mr. Billionaire and Her. Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved.

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Its been 4 affing days?! Bich, why aren't you leaving the house?! You can always go to your best friend's house or even just stay at a motel or something. Think woman. God give us brain to think. So use it!
Same man I miss my mama and papa and my brother and sisters . I live with my aunt too
Well yeah I sure hope you do. (From that vine but I switched up the words a bit, anyone know which one?? No?? Ok.)
Floortjex3 Floortjex3 Apr 14
Jesus.. I'm like really furious now how tf can somebody be so cold....?? THAT AUNT IS GONNA REGRET SHE WAS EVER BORN. 
                              I pray to god she already does.
My name is also Jessica and my birthday was only 3 days before this book was published
CrazyAf24 CrazyAf24 Feb 11
Only person that is allowed to teach me a lesson is my teachers so no ma'm