Guessing (Charles Xavier)

Guessing (Charles Xavier)

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Skylar By skylarzhai Updated Jul 03, 2015

When a young Charles Xavier meets Haven Ellis, a green-eyed scholar who he meets by chance in a pub, he finds himself immediately attracted to not only her looks and personality, but also the fact that he can't read her mind. 

As time passes, it becomes apparent that Haven's mutation is more powerful than any of the mutants anticipated- and though she can't harm people, there's a limit to how far she can push herself... Combined with the stress of stopping a possible world war and the emotions she starts to feel for Charles, she just might go too far. 

This is a fan fiction about Charles Xavier (Professor X) from the X-Men comics and film franchise. Any characters from Marvel are copyrighted to them- I only take credit for original characters.

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Why yer talking feet? Learn metric. It's easier. I'm 15 and 163.
- - Oct 10, 2016
Awesome book and amazing cast, I love how close u stuck to the movie! Its pretty amazing if I should say!
TshMrphy TshMrphy Nov 23, 2016
Wait, HE WAS NINETEEN?! My life is now complete by knowing this info
ebbageiryd ebbageiryd Nov 16, 2016
Charles the handsome stranger that resting his hands at people
- - Oct 10, 2016
No way! Charles cut it out already! You're gonna give her a heart attack!:)
GirlVixen GirlVixen Jan 04
I would have slapped him for being rude xd. Holding her wridt, eho does he think he is