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Mutant Beyond Compare (A Charles Xavier Fan Fiction)

Mutant Beyond Compare (A Charles Xavier Fan Fiction)

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AlphaWolf1217 By AlphaWolf1217 Completed

I sat back in the seat of Charles' car and closed my eyes as I listened into what Charles and Eric were saying. "What do you think of her?" Charles asked Eric. "I don't think we should trust her. She seems like she is hiding something from us. What about you?" Charles sighed, "I don't know either Eric. The thing is, I SHOULD be able to read her mind since she can control metal like you but..." "But what?" "I can't read her mind Eric. She has to be a telepath too." "That's impossible Charles..." Eric was cut off by a sharp piercing noise in his head, "Stop it Charles!" "It isn't me!"
Nova Harrison is a powerful mutant beyond measure. She can fly, read minds, control metal, etc. But when two men claiming they have a school were she can learn how to master her powers, she would never say no. She makes friends with the other mutants while she learns how to cope with her mutation. When she looses control, Charles is there to help her. But what if that friendship turns into something more?

This is exactly the same as Erik. Don't you feel like that's kind of boring and unoriginal? I don't mean to hate but it's kind of disappointing. Please don't just comment rude things on this, I'm just stating what I think
So, did she just leave her college and everything instantly? That sucks
CosmicAeon CosmicAeon Oct 23, 2016
Hey, I don't know if you're aware of this, but laptops and the internet and websites and things like that? They hadn't been invented in the 60's.
Heyy12363 Heyy12363 Jun 05, 2016
ConsultingFangirl13 ConsultingFangirl13 Jun 03, 2016
Not wanting to be rude but it is "Erik" not "Eric". and his last name is spelt: Lehnsherr.
AMillionStarsAbove AMillionStarsAbove Nov 21, 2016
Overpowered much????😒 lucky git should be grateful for her mutations....I'm stuck as measly human...pathetic