If the Shoe Fits (Completed)

If the Shoe Fits (Completed)

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Madeline Taylor By tiptoe13 Completed

What would you do if a mysterious admirer started sending you love notes under the name 'Prince Charming'? Would you attempt to discover his identity or just enjoy the mystery?

"A delicate rose just beginning to bloom was on her bedspread. The color was such a deep hue of red it seemed almost painted; as if should you hold it upside down the color would drip from its petals and onto the floor in scarlet rivers."

In this modern take on Cinderella (with a few twists of course), Ailia finds herself exactly in that position with a lovely ball gown and unknown escort. Add in her best friend Bibi, who begins recieving notes from an admirer of her own, and you've got yourself a modern fairy tale.

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FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Jun 22, 2017
my friend laughs like a hyena mixed with various different barnyard animals
FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Jun 22, 2017
that's creepy af. he knows her fav color and everything... apparently knows her show and dress size..
cute_anime_girl101 cute_anime_girl101 Aug 03, 2017
*grumble* I wish I had someone like him *grumble* ... Congratulations ☺ *fake smile*
GabrielleJKitts17 GabrielleJKitts17 Apr 18, 2016
I love your stories but sometimes I wish it was in first person. The POV changed a lot
meme7candy meme7candy Feb 19, 2017
An amazing must read for all those still dreaming of a true fairy tail. I just started and I can't stop!
                              Yours truly
                              Who Even Am I
Belldaryeal Belldaryeal Feb 10, 2013
Wow i normally check  the comments 2 c if its a good book and they are all great especally since this is the first chapter. I guess I should read it then since every1 says its good :)