When I Met Parker

When I Met Parker

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Natalie By HelloCookies Updated May 27, 2015

I am a girl. And this is how I ended up in the emergency room, after I had sex for the first time. 

It was only a matter of time until I’d do it, right? I mean it has never been a big deal to me, like to all these other girls around me. So when we decided to do it, I was fine. Seriously, we did it and I was fine. I remember we were laying in bed, the covers up to our chests, and he was playing with his hands looking pretty damn insecure. And I am pretty sure he wanted to ask me how he was… Now that would’ve been awkward. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing boyfriend, but this was our first time and I don’t think a seventeen year old teenage boy should ask his seventeen year old teenage girlfriend how he performed during their first time, when she is still trying to figure out whether she was the only one who thought it was complete shit.


Noire Fletcher is your typical senior, well if by typical you mean the kind that spends hours on twitter and tumblr, worshipping bands and trying to find a purpose in life. She had it all, a boyfriend, good grades, her virginity. But one after the other, they were gone and that's when she met Parker.

Parker Williams, the guy that had just moved back from Sydney, to finish school in his hometown. Back in Eastbourne, he doesn't know how everyone will react. He had changed, and he knew so had they. He was most curious about the girl with the pig tails from kindergarten, he still remembers how cute she was in her marine coloured uniform.

Noire and Parker used to be best friends. Before he had to move to another continent. How will she react to his return? Will everything go back to the way it used to be? 

A/N: THIS STORY CONTAINS VULGAR LANGUAGE, PROBABLY SOME SEXUAL CONTENT and some other things that might offend other people. Just thought i'd warn you all. I plan on updating every friday! So yeah, hopefully you like this story! 

Nat x

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