Arrows & Anchors

Arrows & Anchors

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Maria By ReeReverie Completed

Book 1.

A quirky writer meets a rising musician on one fateful summer evening in Tucson, Arizona. 

English rockstar Julian Miles is known for his virtuosic skills on the guitar. What he's not known for, however, is striking up conversation with fans or strangers. In fact, because of his dark past, Julian doesn't say much of anything, to anyone at all.

All of that changes, though, when he first catches sight of Brooke Fray - a troubled, withdrawn American girl that he can't seem to shake from his thoughts... or his heart.

Despite their discernible differences, Julian and Brooke share a great commonality: heartbreaking histories and a desire to keep them a secret from the other.

Julian saves Brooke from her old life of addiction and depression. When it comes time for her to return the favor, Brooke must make a life-altering decision. 

When laid out on the operating table, none of the ticket upgrades, lavish trips or private jets could make a bit of difference. That's because, for Brooke Fray, being a famous musician's girlfriend isn't always as glamorous as it seems. 

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Awesome trailer adios, sounds like this is going to be an amazing story!
i have been on wattpad for almost two years now as a silent reader and I want to let you know that I love this book. it is so good. i hope you don't mind if I vote for your chapters although I read them all (I hope that made sense my English is not the best)
LindaCCherry LindaCCherry Oct 11, 2015
Daymn... Just watched the trailer for the first time... Talk about emos all over the place