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Star Struck

Star Struck

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Anya Sharpe By anyasharpeauthor Completed

Eve Brock is a hard-hitting investigative reporter who has no use for celebrities. When she is assigned to cover a Hollywood awards show after-party by her editor, she's spitting nails mad. 
And, then she runs into Gray Daymon. While he's admittedly sex on a stick, every word out of his mouth makes her cringe-and perfectly proves her point. Actors are nothing but overpaid pretty boys who think every woman is going to drop at their feet. 

Gray Daymon, a scorching hot soap opera actor who usually avoids the press like the plague, doesn't know the beautiful, yet amusingly irritated woman he's hitting on, is a reporter. To him, they're nothing but trouble best avoided. When he spots Eve across at the party, something about her intrigues him and he can't help but tease her-until he finds out who she is. Believing she's recorded his crude attempt at flirting, he freaks out.

When the two butt heads over his misunderstanding, sparks fly-not all of them bad. After reaching a bit of a truce, Gray wants to make it up to Eve, even if it means swallowing his pride.

For her part, Eve would just as soon forget the whole messy mix-up and go about her business celebrity-free. Gray isn't about to let that happen. Lowering his defenses, he works to charm his way into Eve's life. She, however, isn't as willing to let him in so easily. Especially when another man vies for her attention at the same time. 

Eve has to decide if the heated tension and desire that builds between her and Gray is worth the risk. Or whether to stick with the "sure thing."

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