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The Love Curse

The Love Curse

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REBECCA SKY By RebeccaSky Updated Aug 04, 2016

She can't kiss the boy she loves. If she kisses him she'll lose him forever... Rachel Patel has the ability to make any guy she kisses fall in love with her─completely, irrevocably, obsessed love. The problem is she doesn't want someone to love her because she forced them with her ability, she wants them to love her because they want to.
 When she starts to fall for cadet Benjamin Blake, she distances herself. But circumstances beyond her control bring them closer, and the desire to be with him tears her apart. Will she resist the pull of a first kiss, or will she lose Ben forever?

Im confused is the main gurl the only one or is there more like her friend Mel....???
TheAnimeAuthor TheAnimeAuthor Dec 04, 2016
That video in the media was like my head exploded(in a freaking awesome way) I haven't even started the book yet and I already love it! THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE!
I feel like everyone is on their period... like can u please calm down😐😐😐
AstraBlaine AstraBlaine Feb 07
It seems my morals really are messed up if i don't see anything bad here. 😂
whynot1244 whynot1244 Nov 04, 2016
Are they friends or not
                              Ps I'm like a MEGA Percy Jackson fan so I'm so happy that they're Greek mythology in these book!!!!!!!!!!
Weirdo-1 Weirdo-1 Dec 02, 2016
Don't let the door hit you on the way out...... Actually let it hit you