I'm so excited you're here! If you poke around my board or chapters you'll notice my readers call me Red. Personally, I wanted to be Ruby princess, but they voted against it. ;) But seriously, I'm Rebecca and I'm super flattered you're still reading.

When I'm not on wattpad you can find me tweeting stuff. Come say hi! https://twitter.com/RebeccaSky


☽ I'm married to the world's most wonderful man. Who happens to be a rock star! His band is very popular in my Province--it's like a State but with more land and less people, and it's in Canada. https://youtu.be/O6_c9Lj8gj0

☼ I wrote my very first story on Wattpad. So that's cool!

☽ I LOVE dogs! I know what you're thinking-- writers are supposed to like cats. Personally, I don't trust cats, they're way too smart for me.

☽ The most random thing I do is collect clocks. A whole wall in my house is covered in them.

☼ My favorite number is 3. (That's a thing right? Knowing people's favorite numbers).

☽ My favorite bug is a bumble bee, and I even pet them. That's right, I said it. I pet bees!

☼ I LOVE ELEPHANTS! (It's more of an obsession really. I'm currently trying to design the most epic elephant tattoo & I'm writing a fantasy novel with elephants in it!)

☽ I'm 1/4 of the #Wattpad4
& me!

We host a weekly twitter chat(every Monday at 8pm EST find us under #wattpad4).

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Thanks for stopping by. xoxo -R


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