My mother once told me that I'm one half Lucille Ball and one half Jessica Rabbit. It's scary how accurate that is.

Anyway, hello!
Welcome to my little corner of the world. I'm Rebecca, some of my readers call me Red, I also answer to "hey you."

Twitter: RebeccaSky
Snap | IG | Facebook: TheRebeccaSky
Fan art and inquires:

Mondays I'm on twitter for a Wattpad/writing chat at 8pmET: search hashtag #Wattpad4

You can always message me on Wattpad. Warning: my inbox is full, it takes awhile to get to private messages! Please email any important requests.

Check out this awesome anthology I get to be in: IMAGINES: Celebrity Encounters Starring You. I wrote about REBEL WILSON helping someone face their high-school bully!!!


☽ The world's most wonderful man is me...I'm a lucky girl! He also happens to be a rock star! Check out his band here:

☼ I wrote my very first story on Wattpad. So that's cool! (bonus points if you know what it was)

☽ I LOVE dogs! I know what you're thinking-- writers are supposed to like cats. Personally, I don't trust cats, they're way too smart for me.

☼ The most random thing I do is collect clocks. A whole wall in my house is covered in them.

☽ I taught a class, it's free: How to WRITE FOR ONLINE ENGAGEMENT:

☼ My favorite number is 3. (That's a thing right? Knowing people's favorite numbers).

☽ Readers with a naughty side check out @TheCheatersClub

☼ I'm 1/4 of the #Wattpad4 w/

☽ My favorite bug is a bumble bee, and I even pet them. That's right, I said it. I pet bees!

Thanks for stopping by xoR


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OMGerd, I'm so tired, I had like 3 hours of sleep. But the festival was EPIC, soooo worth the mega eye bags. Did you watch along on Snapchat? 
            Your today's Fantasy Anthology read is The Tundra Queen...
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