Les Twins Bromance One-shots

Les Twins Bromance One-shots

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galaxypixie12 By galaxypixie12 Updated Apr 29, 2015

This will be a fan-fiction about les twins brotherly love and affection for each other. The first one is called Sleep Deprivation, which is a very long one-shot, so please enjoy.

Here is an excerpt from 'Sleep Deprivation'

"Everything seemed to slow down, my vision became tunneled and I could hear my heart beating in my head. THUMP THUMP THUMP. I couldn't hear anything besides the thunderous beating, my body giving out from under me. My vision gave out and all I remember was feeling myself falling then being enveloped by darkness."

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PaulaSingletary PaulaSingletary Apr 17, 2017
Your description of everything that happened shows how much you love them and understand them...you really have a way with storytelling that makes your readers feel like they are there observing.  Great job!
GabrielxScarface GabrielxScarface Feb 21, 2016
This was so good! I was hit with a multitude of emotions, when Laurent pass out I cried a bit :( I love this! :D love les twins
CiaraLovesLesTwins CiaraLovesLesTwins Apr 08, 2016
@ZaraLovesLaurentXOX I cried when he hit the ground😭. I stopped breathing until the doctor said that he was fine😓. Why you get me in my feelings lol? That was so beautiful😍💕
ZaraLovesLaurentXOX ZaraLovesLaurentXOX Apr 07, 2016
@laurentsfavoritegirl | @DaddyLauBourgeois | @bluecake4 | @CiaraLovesLesTwins y'all bumpkins check dis out ☝🏼️🙄💓❤️
pb_and_jlover pb_and_jlover Jun 30, 2015
Hahahahahahahahahahaha of course he would hesitate he was sleep like 1 minute ago
jupiter_hollow jupiter_hollow Mar 31, 2015
The end was so heartfelt, I love them so much <3 Wonderfully written series!