When You Left Me

When You Left Me

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Jasmine By ToldByLadyBourgeois Completed

In High School, Jasmine Raynes had been a antisocial overweight introvert with a cloud of despair hanging over her head. She had no friends since people just seemed to avoid her and she could hear a voice in her head that resulted from depression and her very own negativity towards herself. She seemed only to get any reprieve when she made music by playing the piano and singing. 

Laurent Bourgeois on the other half,  had been a popular and handsome half of a dancing duo called Les Twins that featured him and his twin brother Larry, whom at even the young of fifteen were well known dancers from France to America and had whatever they pleased. 

He came across Jasmine by chance one day after school while passing by the chorus room, where her voice echoed from within. Her solemn and melodic singing captivated him from the start and unable to resist the magnetic pull, he entered the room and found her there, all alone. 

He eventually fell in love with Jasmine after spending everyday together inside that chorus room and they became an odd couple for all of high school together. 

Then without warning and with an vague explanation on graduation day, Laurent left Jasmine, disappearing with his brother. 

It's been a couple of years now and Jasmine leads a simple life now that she finally acquired after fighting depression a second time but Laurent returns and they cross paths again. 

How will they handle old emotions and re emerging pains? 

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ltlover88 ltlover88 May 18, 2016
I'm loving this story already!!!! Keep it up 😆😆😆😆
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😂😂 I'm not gone play with you here too 😭 @mrsLarryBourgeois101