You Will Never Leave!~ (Yandere Riren)

You Will Never Leave!~ (Yandere Riren)

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-KuroTheCat- By KuroTheCat Updated Jan 19, 2015

I Thought I was safe, working my night job at the bar. There is always this man who asks about be. I thought it was because he thought I was a good bar tender. Until it got out of hand one day.
Always asking,

-Where Is Eren Today-
-Have You Seen Eren-
-When Will He Be Back-

. . . . I wish never.

(I Do Not Own Attack On Titan)
(But I do own my brilliant mind!)
(Taken place in about Normal Era)
(It's Very Scary, I think)

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NyxIsHere NyxIsHere Jul 05
                              HE'S FOR ME, NOT FOR YOU!
                              (When you're actually minorly a Yandere...)
I_luv_Yaoi I_luv_Yaoi Jul 31
Shut up Jean or Jeãn. Come back when your a main character. 
                              R. I. P 
                              For screentime.
AoTfangirl666 AoTfangirl666 Jul 13, 2016
I had to imagine Eren in that outfit and I was blushing so hard!
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Nov 22, 2016
If Eren had blond hair and blue eyes then he could be-... 🌞🌬☀️💦🌤☀️🌊☀️🍎🍋☀️🍏☀️☔️⛅️🌊 nvm random Comment.
CookieWonder299 CookieWonder299 Nov 19, 2016
That smoothie made me really hungry and I just had breakfast
TatonkaTanoChan TatonkaTanoChan Jul 21, 2016
I am going berserk too Eren dressed up as a cat is just to adorable