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A Vampire and a Wolf

A Vampire and a Wolf

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Ayla D. Viktoreva (Mad Lady) By WhiteSwordsman01 Completed


Previously "My Teacher is a Vampire"
When you escape from your dark past, you expect to find a paradise or something similar to it. So did I. I wanted to spend my life living without problems and worries, I really did. But no.
He just had to enter my classroom out of all and find me. He couldn't have stayed in Russia or wherever his Vampire castle was and rule for the rest of his life (which is trust me, pretty long period).
He just had to come in my life.
*   *   *   *   * 
Alex is 17 and she is in a High School. She is the most hated werewolf in the world, has a dark past and even darker destiny, but the worst of all? She is beloved of the most ruthless Vampire in the world. Can she change him and change herself as well in the meantime, or are some mates just not supposed to happen?

Caine: Shut up, pup!
Azriela (Alex): When you're burning in hell, leech!

littydee littydee 3 days ago
I have no words for this book and that's in a good way...I'm never speechless
HanaPariyan HanaPariyan Jan 30
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤ now that is the kind of a teacher I love to have XD
TJs_Story TJs_Story Aug 17, 2016
I absolutely love werewolf and vampire books as well as teacher student romance.....and this is joined so I can die happily😍😍😍
theRomanceGeek theRomanceGeek Feb 29, 2016
drop my things in his face, give him the (watcha gon do about it!?) sexy look and walk out like a boss as birch since she is a full A student. people usually come to detention on time. show up "1  MINUTE LATE" whaaaaaaatttt!!!!! ahahaha na jks
KishnaCabugwas KishnaCabugwas Jan 03, 2016
Oh my what was the test all about why did she not answered the question
Uriel-jack Uriel-jack Dec 30, 2015
Hey, is "my teacher is a vampire " a story u wrote ? If so where can I find it?  I can't seem to locate it...:'(