The Rider's Fate. (Revised)

The Rider's Fate. (Revised)

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saoigreen By saoigreen Updated Jul 13

Neely Lynch wants nothing more than to stay hidden from the spotlight. Raised in the human world, she knows only stories of her true home. A place where dragons rule the skies and wolves prowl in the dark of night. A place where her family name speaks of a terrible and bloody history.  A history that no one wants to remember. 

Fated to be a Dragon Rider, a powerful breed who rule by fire and sword, Neely must learn to hide her heritage in a country which would seek to destroy it. Especially when she is bonded to a breed of dragon that is feared above all and thought to be extinct until then. 

Demons rise and threaten the fragile peace in Valaxia, forcing Neely to either accept who and what she is, or watch her friends and country fall.

I love this introductory chapter so much, it's so epic and beautifully written. Can't wait to read through this story after reading it =D
After reading the description: *looks at cover more closely* KHALEESI IS THAT YOU? AHHH THATS AMAZING DAYNARES TARGARYEN (IDK HOW TO SPELL)
AHHHHH I'm so excited to read this series again!!! I missed all the characters in here!
- - Nov 10, 2016
Reading this series again because honestly you write the female lead so well. It's inspiring to read and cannot wait for the rest of the series
sleepylittleprince sleepylittleprince Jan 09, 2016
Valaxian sounds like an army from Star Wars or a galaxy from Treasure Planet xD
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
Keep on writing! I could really see the scenes come alive. Full of imagination and creativity. I'm a big fan!