Between The Lines (editing)

Between The Lines (editing)

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「   ?   」 By Takeshira Updated Mar 12, 2016

Eren, who is abused physically and emotionally at home, cannot let anyone or his friends know what is happening at home. 

One day, when he has no one else to turn to for a ride, he is left to deal with a stubborn and apathetic doctor named Levi Ackerman.

Despite not knowing one another, will they overcome their differences? 

Will they learn that they have to love themselves before loving someone else? 

Heavy editing in process. I do not own the characters nor art used for the cover.

YaoiSmut666 YaoiSmut666 Apr 21
The man he despised........ from the beginning just to keep me from winning- Aaron Burr
My mom wants me to get all 100's
                              Like bruh
                              Let me live my life
                              I got a life
                              Unlike u
Literally my mom. I miss one question and just get yelled at because its not good enough. Passing all my classes isnt good enough. Doing the dishes when i dont have to isnt good enough. Grrrrrrrrr
This is legit my mom
                              I get one or two questions and she tells me to do better.
                              I improved so much and she is like "do better" I am like ok but inside I wanted t odie
dbecrazy dbecrazy Feb 19
*wastes life away listening to bts and morphs is a bangtan bomb at midnight*
ErenJaegerSenpai ErenJaegerSenpai Jan 18, 2016
And your mom probably didn't raise an abusive assbutt, now did she? Go to hell for heaven's sake!