The New Fire Expert ( Jelsa / Big x )

The New Fire Expert ( Jelsa / Big x )

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It’s fire station 313. Jack Overland is well known young firefighting chief in Burgess. He is daring and caring. His best friends are Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, Tadashi and Hiro who are also his coworkers.  After every successful job they’re celebrating but then something life changing happens.

Elsa is a big hearted and strong willed girl who has worked a couple years in Norway as a firefighter. She and her sister Anna decide to move into USA. Elsa needs a job and soon is replacing a legend in town, Jack Overland. 

How will Elsa cope with rebelling coworkers ? There’s also something making her life troublesome.

( I do not own any of the characters. They’re rightfully owned by Disney and Dreamworks and making the story possible)

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- - Jun 05, 2016
I'm very sorry but I don't like it because ICE>FIRE  it doesn't make sense... Although it would make a good story if Elsa and Jack has no powers and they are normal... Love your cover ;D
MeowMyastic MeowMyastic Jan 06, 2017
Wow, it has been too long and after re-reading this I'm blushing again
Cinderanna Cinderanna May 23, 2015
I totally see that!!!
                              Right now I'm imagining her on stage saying jokes in a clown outfit
                              LOL IDEK
MatchMaker143 MatchMaker143 Jan 29, 2015
I have a female black Labrador named Satski!!! ( My rival with Tetsuya from kuroko no basket )
- - Jan 19, 2015
I have not read your stories in a while HOWEVERR this seems exciting XD
IanaThePacifist IanaThePacifist Jan 03, 2015
Omaygawd. *heavy breathing* just the characters and im already dying. Y U DO DIS TO ME AUTHOR!?