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You Were Wrong About Me(Jelsa)

You Were Wrong About Me(Jelsa)

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Mintyhippo95 By Mintyhippo95 Completed

When Elsa Queen was little she was popular, talented, athletic, and good at everything. After their parents died she gave it all up so her sister; Anna; could live her school dream. Now Elsa pretends to suck at everything, have nothing amazing about her, and be shy. She only can be herself at her job at a karaoke bar in another town. It is there where she gets offered an opportunity of a life time by someone named Hans South.
After her sister and her few friend say some unforgivable stuff to her, she has had enough of pretending. She runs away with Hans and starts her life over in New York, changed her look, and goes by the name Icy.
Anna and her friends at home regret the things they said, and search for Elsa, but found nothing. Anna has now graduated high school and took over the family company, Jack took over his company, Merida became a famous Olympic archer, Hiccup became a well renowned scientist, and Rapunzel became a famous photographer. 
One night during a get together watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show they found someone they least expected…. Elsa?
Elsa has been living in New York with Hans, who considers her his little sister. Together they have been helping make each other’s dreams come true, and proving people that they can be and do whatever they want.
What happens when Elsa’s past catches up with her?
What happens when the big five finds her, and see's her success?
Will there be love and friendship, or will hatred grow?

(A/N: No this is not a Helsa book, and Hans is not going to be a bad guy either. I find it way too predictable.)

jaypriivv_ jaypriivv_ Jun 09
I need the rest of the story aggghhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭📚
Eh not so bad I'm from NY so it's ok to me cause "the cold never bothered me anyway"
ale7141 ale7141 Jul 09
Stop talking about you and your friends dude. We get it, your all losers!
ale7141 ale7141 Jul 09
                              THAT LITTLE PIECE OF-let's not go there....
ale7141 ale7141 Jul 09
Wow, great friends, great friends....*Slowly claps*
                              Note the sarcasm