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THANK YOU ALL FOR MY FOLLOWS AND VOTES! By nightfury150 Updated May 07

Lucy Heartfilia has secrets, but then again, everyone does. However, hers are darker than most: she was abused as a child, and now she bears scars that remind her of every hit whenever she glances at them.

She's hidden them from Fairy Tail successfully so far, but can she do it forever?

(Now up for the Wattys!)

I love this song but I completely brake down listening to it so.... 
                              *pulls out box of tissues*
You know what sucks the most? The fact that sons of b*tches like him walk the earth and never get caught. Motherf*ckers like that make me sick.
                              *pulls out sword while tears go down face*
                              If you lay a hand on her it will be the last time you will have hands
                              BEAT that drunk basterd to the ground for hurting Lucy
It was your fault if u would stop drinking and hurting your child that would never happened so you drunk father beating a child you should go to jail
... *gets in font of lucy * 
                              "Lucy I will always protect u "
                              *smiling at luce*