since eighth grade. → markiplier

since eighth grade. → markiplier

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kat is sad By Galaxiae Completed

Elliot Waterson and Mark Fischbach have been best friends since the eighth grade. When Mark moves away to LA, though, Elliot begins to realize how much she misses her friend. When he returns for a couple of weeks, what emotions will bloom?

Will they have fun? Yes.

Will they fall in love? Maybe.


Hey! So this story is going to be very triggering in some places, but, don't worry, I'll make sure to mark them for you just in case you'd rather avoid them. 

This story is very inspired by a British TV series called 'Skins', so if anything seems similar to that then it's because that's where I get a lot of my inspiration from.

Also, I am from England and have very little knowledge about America, so a lot of things like locations, names of thins etc are going to either be made up or be replaced by the British term, so do forgive me.

Thanks for choosing to read my fanfiction! I've been writing this since September 2014, so that's almost a year! That's insane. Thank you all for decided to even just click on this fanfiction, because it means a lot!

A huge thanks to at @OswinOswld for supporting me from the very beginning. Thanks, Bryony!

© Galaxiae 2014

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angelina_writes angelina_writes Jun 24, 2017
MDFrenchie MDFrenchie Apr 10, 2017
That's how I feel with mine, but I actually need to wear them since I'm BLINDDDD
ElsiePeters ElsiePeters Jun 19, 2017
So far this is one rare book with exceptional grammar, as well as unique writing style. Iv'e read many books in my life; some were published pieces. I must say not all have such prominent spelling and use of words.
b-eautiful b-eautiful Jan 26
oh yeah it's going really good! he got me a red polo shirt and a pair of khakis for Christmas it was really touching❤️
TAlienPrincess TAlienPrincess Dec 22, 2017
I love when I have blue hair in fanfic because I want blue hair irl
simply_psychopath simply_psychopath Jun 19, 2017
funny story: I was reading this, then I was like, "hey, popcorn sounds good right now." so I got up and made popcorn. now I have popcorn.