Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader)

Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader)

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Friendships ended, job opportunities didn't pan out, relationships came to a halt. This was your life, 20, unemployed, with just enough money to start anew. Why did you decide to move? A change of scenery. But why Cincinnati, OH? It just felt right... Or was it because of him? Markiplier. As you continue your life in a new direction, the doors in front and behind you open, your past creeping ever closer to resurfacing. What would you do if your were a step away from the door that held something you wanted so much just behind it? What would you be willing to go through to save not only yourself, but someone you hold dear? At what risks? And at what cost?

This is my first fanfiction, so excuse the way I write.
Since this is xReader, I tried to stay away from special features to make the read more enjoyable for all. I welcome any constructive criticism!

Best regards.

jellyoctopie jellyoctopie Aug 30, 2016
How can you say this sucks most fanfics have bad Grammer and awful story content this is fantastic!
Mai_Waifu_ Mai_Waifu_ Jul 27, 2016
I was there for a vacation and I saw markiplier and my face was like😱😱and I ran into a tree
                              But my friend Erik got his autograph for me
Raven_goddess_of_war Raven_goddess_of_war Aug 06, 2016
I feel bad I was born in Georgia  and raised in Colorado  and Georgia
spaingirl22 spaingirl22 Oct 06, 2016
Born in Spain,  raised in Texas,  Louisiana and Spain XD,  moved too many times
newlorules newlorules Sep 07, 2016
The first sentence in the chapter was better than any story or essay I've ever written in my life tbh.
SlytherinMadalyn SlytherinMadalyn Aug 09, 2016
I could just drive there in fact the closest airport to where I live is the cini airport