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I'm Not Perfect Either (Markiplier X Reader)

I'm Not Perfect Either (Markiplier X Reader)

96.8K Reads 4.1K Votes 31 Part Story
Female Markiplier By TinySepticBoxSam Completed

Mark has been famous for a few years now he's a youtuber and calls himself markiplier. He cares for all his fans. He's been single his entire YouTube life causing girls to obsess over him. Any girl would be lucky to have him. Who knew that out of all his fans, Mark would choose you. the one that stayed quiet and all the comments, never tried to send an email, or fan mail. The one that never begged for attention. You see him in a place you never expected. Your own house. What happens when things don't ever go the way you want it to? How many problems can pop up during a short amount of time?
In this story it's mostly in Mark's point of view because I want the reader to have their own feelings but for some parts it is you.
Be sure to check out the sequel We all make mistakes.

422Lovebug 422Lovebug Nov 12, 2016
Omg me but i would probably fall onto the floor and start crying/hyperventilating then probs die
422Lovebug 422Lovebug Nov 12, 2016
Me popular! Haha i laugh at that statement and i thought mark was 27 so thats not close to 18 or is this just like really old?
supergeek00 supergeek00 Jan 07
Good job on making sure that the romantic interests are not illegal age wise
kat10suma kat10suma Jan 08
I am never this rude tho! :( 
                              Or is it my time of month....
SepticplierWolf SepticplierWolf Nov 13, 2016
I THINK I MIGHT EXPLODE RUN!!! *explodes into millions of fandom peices*
I can't be this rude even if I tried my hardest.
                              I'm too nice to ppl...