Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader)

Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader)

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Friendships ended, job opportunities didn't pan out, relationships came to a halt. This was your life, 20, unemployed, with just enough money to start anew. Why did you decide to move? A change of scenery. But why Cincinnati, OH? It just felt right... Or was it because of him? Markiplier. As you continue your life in a new direction, the doors in front and behind you open, your past creeping ever closer to resurfacing. What would you do if your were a step away from the door that held something you wanted so much just behind it? What would you be willing to go through to save not only yourself, but someone you hold dear? At what risks? And at what cost?

This is my first fanfiction, so excuse the way I write.
Since this is xReader, I tried to stay away from special features to make the read more enjoyable for all. I welcome any constructive criticism!

Best regards.

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mithzangel mithzangel Nov 16, 2017
I'm rereading this to recreate my obsession with this fanfic two years ago. I remember it being good - But I'm regretting my decision
Asonix_Official Asonix_Official Jul 17, 2017
I live an hour away from here haha, one day I hope to run into Mark
QueenOfAllMemes QueenOfAllMemes May 17, 2017
Born in a forgotten spot in the carribean and went to america, fought in the american revolution, defended the consitution, got shot in a duel. (If you get this reference i love you)
fun-forever fun-forever Sep 09, 2017
Born and raised in Belgium but when I turn 18 I'm going to Australia or England or maybe Canada
oOswiftOo oOswiftOo Apr 16
Born in Paris raised in England... sOmE pEoPlE cAlL mE cLaSsY
NeverlandRoyal NeverlandRoyal Oct 03, 2017
Born and raised in a town in the Netherlands for 20 years. I love it here, tho I'm probably going to move out soon... not very far away tho 😂