Teasing Mr. Fischbach: 2nd Semester {MarkiplierxReader} (Dirty 18+) ✔

Teasing Mr. Fischbach: 2nd Semester {MarkiplierxReader} (Dirty 18+) ✔

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This is the sequel to a short yet somehow beloved story by the name, Teasing Mr. Fischbach. Where the handsome Mark Fischbach is not a YouTuber, but rather your 12th grade English teacher. What started out as innocent fun, flirtation, and teasing very quickly turned into passion, lust and desire only to finally settle into a state of forbidden love. 

Second semester is right around the corner, and things have been going perfect with Mr. Fischbach and yourself. However, what will happen when love is put to the ultimate test? No amount of studying can help you this time. Class is now in session.

Disclaimer: Will most likely contain a few smut scenes to some degree. Not written with the intent to arouse. Story not suitable for all ages. Please read at your own discretion. 

Book Number: 2 of 4

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Complected: December 21st 2015

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Luna_Child_Of_Aliens Luna_Child_Of_Aliens Oct 04, 2017
It doesn’t matter your age it just really matters if you’re mature enough to understand this stuff
AGHarris AGHarris Mar 16, 2016
I honestly get so irritated with these comments. Nobody cares if your under the age limits. Go ahead and ruin your childhood and brag about it to your friends but in the end, nobody gives a shït.
Ashleyyy722 Ashleyyy722 Feb 15, 2016
This story's motto:
                              "This story was written by a pervert
                              for a pervert"
candyx102 candyx102 Oct 30, 2016
Ok for anyone who can't find the first part it is called Teasing Mr.Fischbach
bella_maria_olive bella_maria_olive Apr 26, 2016
What is part 4 called? (The message was "deleted" sorry for asking again.)
FrickADick FrickADick Jul 12, 2016
The smut just makes it better, keeps things lively and a little more realistic