Dreamer (Currently Being Revised)

Dreamer (Currently Being Revised)

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By: Marley Maxx

"How could he hurt such a beautiful flower?" he whispered, and it was obvious that he hadn't realized he'd said it out loud before smiling almost sadly. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to help."

You leaned in towards his hand barley to show that you appreciated the contact before offering a smile of your own. 

"It's okay, Mark; you're here now. You cheered me up when no one else could. Thank you."

He came closer to your face, leaning forward to where he was an inch, if not less, away from your face. He inclined his head and pressed his forehead against yours before you both closed your eyes and just sat there, enjoying each other's reassuring company.

"You're welcome."

Nah, fam, I love thunderstorms. Contrary to popular belief they actually help me sleep
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                              THATS HOW GOOD THIS IS
                              I SIMPLY ADORE YOU SAMANTHA <3 
                              SWEETIE HON!
Beautifully written. Just a quick note, be careful about repeating words. I have read many stories that killed the atmosphere by over using the word 'like' 'and' 'or'  and so forth. I love the story, I'm not trying to be a troll either. As I had said before; beautifully written. :)
                              I agree, repetition is a carefully toed line. Repetition used here is supposed to reflect on the character that is being built. People often repeat goals and such to themselves as a sort of comfort. I know that I've done it before plenty a time before.
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