How Things Were. (Alpha and Omega Love story) BXB

How Things Were. (Alpha and Omega Love story) BXB

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Phoenix By HeyItsLeeyah Updated Aug 01

This is just notice  that is basically saying that This story will be updated every once in a while because I am busy with things and I will update when I can. So until then I hope you enjoy this teaser:

Shaun POV

The more I tried to get out of his grip, the more he tightened it. I giggled over his posessiveness and kept squirming. He groaned in my ear and said "Stop moving, you're killing me." I didn't understand what he ment until I felt something hard on my thigh. A devious smirk came upon my face and I suddenly had an idea that will get me out of here. I turned my body to where I was able to face him and began to run my hands down his neck, arms and chest. He shivered in pleasure as I did so. I looked up at him and saw he had a lust filled gaze on me, his brown eyes turning black. To tease him I said "Aww, is the big bad wolf feeling turned on?" I poked his nose while nibbling on his ear trailing down towards his neck. I suddenly stopped and turned back around and covering myslel...

I'm no expert on eyeliner, but his eyeliner is terrible! 😣 it's not clean and sharp