My internet Cafe is Connected to Another World

My internet Cafe is Connected to Another World

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Arcadia Blade By ArcadiaBlade Updated Aug 16

Len, a young man who was fired from his job, decided to open an Internet Cafe back at his hometown.

While the internet Cafe was mildly generating income, he knew that it wouldn't profit him in the long run and would had to close it down. Yet, he didn't expect one day, a mysterious door suddenly appeared which he was brought into a new world where mythical beings exist and fantasic things which he knew from fantasy books and novel had come to life.

He was then greeted by a cold, mechanic voice which suddenly told him that he would be a store owner with a special system that would not only help him manage the store but help him in his own world as well.

The task of being the best entertainment store was born to carry out bringing fun and excitement to not only this fantasy world, but in his own world as well!