The Step Brother

The Step Brother

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Lillian Grant By gemofanivory Updated Jan 07

Eliana Strauss is a shell of the girl she once was, broken beyond repair because of a dark secret, a secret closely entwined with that of her step brother's own dark intentions, a secret with the power to destroy her entire world.

She used to have the perfect, loving relationship with her step brother, Nikolai.  But now their relationship is anything but normal and perfect.

When Eliana has to stay with him for an entire year, things start to change, once again.  All her handsome step brother has ever wanted was to love her and care for her, but in anything but a brotherly manner.

This is a darker story with more adult themes, so read with caution.   There will be some sexual content. Rated PG-13, but may later be changed to R.  

This is the new version of the story.

JustBeingBlunt JustBeingBlunt Aug 21, 2016
You are a greater writer! Your descriptive writing is on point
AliWarren3 AliWarren3 Oct 04, 2016
Your writing is spectacular. You have such way with words. Very descriptive. Something I've been trying to master for so long. Very good.
Secrets_NeverSeen Secrets_NeverSeen Nov 22, 2016
Boring?! Of all stars that was exhilarating! Amazing! Breathtaking! You have talent, and a lot of it.
steamydil steamydil Aug 31, 2016
It's seems soooooooo intense! When really this whole chapter was her walking to a door and walking into a house with her step brother
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p May 17, 2016
I loved it. I felt as if I was watching a movie, that's how clear your descriptions were. An excellent portrayal of the show not tell concept.
Helium Helium Jan 07, 2016
Very wonderful first chapter, not boring in the least. It puts you in the mindset of having this uncomfortable fear and powerlessness- it was amazing to read! I'm very excited for the next chapter.