Black Butler Circus Love Reader x Joker

Black Butler Circus Love Reader x Joker

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joker_blackbutler By joker_blackbutler Updated Jan 21, 2017

You had been living in London in a nice Mansion ever since you where little. But you know there was much more to your boring life than just the walls and people surrounding you at the Mansion.

One day when a traveling circus comes to London called the Noah's Arc Circus you know you have a deep tie with the performers from the circus but you aren't for sure how you are connected to these people since you couldn't remember anything from your past. 

Will you be able to remember your past filled with darkness and love or have to live in a boring world with no memory of your life before the mansion having to start all over again.

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joker_blackbutler joker_blackbutler Sep 08, 2014
Joker,Doll,Beast,Dagger,Jumbo,Wendy,and Peter and they all had problems with their bodies*