A Little Birdie Told Me || Sebastian Michaelis

A Little Birdie Told Me || Sebastian Michaelis

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While growing up, Camellia has mastered one thing: survive.

In a world where committing crimes were more than common to keep you alive, the raven haired beauty had to learn from a young age that you must do whatever it takes.

Camellia is now a talented aerial acrobatic in the Noah's Ark circus. She joined the circus not too long ago but already, she felt like the people there were her family.

Her past comes back to haunt her when a handsome, red-eyed man and a boy with an eye patch decide to visit the circus for reasons she did not know at first. She can no longer escape what had happened to her years ago when she finds herself entangled in the mess and secrets of the circus she believed was her new home.

| Based heavily on Kuroshitsuji season 3, the Book of Circus arc |

cynical_hufflepuff cynical_hufflepuff Apr 13, 2016
This is really good so far! I'm impressedwith your grammar, usually Black Butler fanfics have rather poor grammar...
FaeHopeYoung FaeHopeYoung Nov 03, 2016
This sounds like me waking up Sunday morning and realizing..
                              "fuuuuuccckkk mmmooonnndddaaayyy..."
Is she related to Claude Faustus by any chance? Because her appearance just makes me think about that spider...
flwkpop flwkpop May 29, 2016
It's really nice, but why you put chanyeol from exo for the book picture?
- - Nov 21, 2016
I would give her all the money I had with me and a fùcking cookie you piece of shite. 🍪🍪🍪🍪
FandomKitty8 FandomKitty8 Oct 16, 2016
Hey thats my mums name except instead of it starting with a C it starts with a K