The Boss

The Boss

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*Love* ^.^ By Roar_read Updated Jul 31

She just sat on me. Her warm ass was currently sitting on my leg. To be honest it felt really good. I watched her from down the street as she seemed determined not to slip on this cold day and she ran into the pole.I had to chuckle a bit.... it was funny I had a clumsy mate. I wanted to get up and help her but as she started walking over to where I was seated, it was a dream come true. 

Out of instinct I wrapped my arms around her waist to prevent her from slipping off my lap. 

"Comfy are you ? " I asked as she started to tense on my lap. She instantly shivered at my voice and I couldn't help but let out a soft laugh. She started to try to wiggle off my lap and that did not help anything. 

" Mmm yeah keep wiggling baby it feels good" I grunted out huskly.

Omg she didn't look where she was sitters I would be so embarrassed
If I was him I would a have been like wtf why are you on my lap are you trying to get pregnant.
Musa66188 Musa66188 Feb 20, 2015
Update soon please I really like your book hope you can update soon
Roar_read Roar_read Oct 12, 2014
@Maggienc123 Thank you so much ! Your support provides a lot of motivation !! ❤❤❤
Roar_read Roar_read Oct 04, 2014
@VoicelessSoldier haha thank you so much ! ❤ The support is appreciated !
VoicelessSoldier VoicelessSoldier Oct 04, 2014
Oh my god I love this keep writing... you can tell I like it because I spelled out omg like a old person.