Chapter 1: Desire

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That's what I need. I walked around my small dorm room trying to find a solution. I need a job but most places that allow people like me to work are already full. Having my illness was always a struggle I have never had a job and my parents did very well in making money.

My mother is a lawyer and my father is a doctor. Maybe that's why I have my illness...maybe their jobs which required them to be away from me for so long was a distraction. They had forgotten me before, who's to say they won't do it again.

I have cancer. Breast cancer to be specific. I was diagnosed at the age of 16 and have had treatment ever since. It was clearing up and I only had a few more hospital visits before I was going to be cancer free but my parents forgot.

They simply left me at home for days and I had to take care of myself. It was all because they were drunk. They made out in a hotel room all night and I couldn't get my treatment. My immune system decided to bite me in the ass so now I have had breast cancer for a while.

My appointments were always pushed back because my parents were busy and the neglection made my cancer worst there for making me more sick. I am now recovering it has been years but the cancer keeps returning I am now 18 and paying for my own medication and treatment. ..but I am now out of money...I need money.

Most people don't want to hire me so I have to work something out.

I pull on a coat and exit my dorm. I walk down the old stairs and exit the building. I am in search of a job. I walk down the cold streets being careful not to slip on the ice. As I am walking I fail to see the pole straight in front of me. ...

I walked straight into the pole. The pain comes a few seconds later, I groan and hold my head in pain. I get curious stairs from the people passing but I keep moaning in pain.

The cold isn't helping. I see a bench and sit down while I wait for the pain to disappear. The bench is surprisingly warm and comfortable....sort of like a cushion.

That when I hear a slight chuckle from under me. The chuckle is deep and husky and arms wrapped around me from behind. I tense in shock.

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