Spitfire in Love -ON HOLD

Spitfire in Love -ON HOLD

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Isabelle Ronin By isabelleronin Updated Aug 07, 2014

"In a sick way, I prefer nightmares. I hate good dreams because I know when I wake up, you won't be there," I whispered, willing her to stay. 

Don't go, don't leave.

But she was already turning around. 

"I wish I could have told you that you've owned me from the very start. It was always you. It's always been you," I continued, desperate now.

Her eyes turned to me, studying my face. "It's too late," she said, giving me a sad smile before disappearing in my life. 

Rule Number One: Keep your șhit together.

I am Cameron St. Laurent.

Lies. I am filled with them.

Self-destruction. That's my middle name.

Love of my life: Cammilla Hawthorne. I need her as much as I need air to breathe.

Last words I've said to her: "Don't justify your love for me when you know it's all sorts of wrong."

Current Status: About to blow my șhit apart.


WARNING: This story contains mature language/swearing. Enter at your own risk. *hands you a waiver, pencil & a chocolate bar*

Spitfire in Love. Copyright © August 2014. All Rights Reserved.

poornilee poornilee Nov 01
Please update the story .. it's freaking me up.. please update..
ju3rean ju3rean a day ago
I've just read your book Chasing Red and i loved it! But i'm sad now because you mentioned a book about the Cams <3 and i searched for it only to find its on hold since 2014 #youslayme :'(
You started this on 2014?! 😱 and you're yet to upload even a chapter?? FU**ING HELL
Ohlook_its_me Ohlook_its_me 2 days ago
Asdghsudjsgdhejd!! I just can't! Can u plzzz update!! Love you!
daywynscott daywynscott Nov 18
I really hope you continue this story, I love the characters in thus story & in Chasing Red😊
OMG! *cries* please update! I was litterely screaming reading the blurb