Chasing Red

Chasing Red

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Isabelle Ronin By isabelleronin Completed

Chasing Red and Always Red are now published and available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Google Play. Links on my profile :)

When cynical straight-A college student Veronica Strafford gets kicked out of her apartment, notorious basketball player Caleb Lockhart offers her a place to stay. Intensely drawn to her, Caleb wants something for the first time in his life and pursues her. But Veronica's painful past is catching up to her, and her heart might just be the one thing Caleb can't win.

I'm the last thing she wants in her life. She keeps expecting me to disappoint her, to leave, but I'm here to stay. She owns me. It's as simple as that.
        She was fire and I wanted her to burn me.
        Like a moth to a flame, I could not resist.
        She was broken. A puzzle that was missing a few pieces. Maybe I'd carve my own pieces to complete her. 
        They said she was going to be my ruin.
        ...then let her ruin me.
        WARNING: This story contains mature scenes and features another couple. Enter at your own risk.
        Chasing Red. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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Hi all, i'm new to this wattpad app, and i'm confuse on how to read a book here. How can i start to read? Do you mind to give me advice?
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I’m half Filipino, half British & im called Isabelle too😂😂
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Is it just me or does he cover of the book look like Blair Waldorf and chuck bass
drexella drexella Apr 17
I think am really in big trouble for loving this book just too much, too too much,.........